Jermpins Bucket List

I have a never ending list of places I want to travel to (It is my Notes app in my Iphone). Of course, I dream to travel to every country in this world. But, I have a full time job (which I kinda like), commitments, so I have to be realistic with my travel ambitions.

So, I decided to narrow down my long list to 15 travel destinations, i.e. 5 in Asia & Oceania, 5 in Europe, and 5 Rest of World.

jermpins map 202004

To date, I have visited a total of 28 countries. My new discovery rate is about 1.5 new countries per year (from my recent years). So, I guess it is reasonable to give myself a 10 years timeline for 15 new countries !

Asia & Oceania

The twin lagoons in Coron Island. Taking a road trip in New Zealand. The beautiful pink city of Jaipur. Swimming with stingless jellyfish in Palau. Standing in awe of the majestic Petra.


Immersing in the music scene and thermal bath of Budapest. Embarking on an Eastern Europe road trip starting from Romania. Lay back and chill on Sifnos Island. Explore the untouched beauty of Isle of Skye. Catching the Northern lights from Lofoten Islands.

Rest of World

Catch all the Broadaway musicals in New York. Dive into that turquoise water in Suytun cenote. Get lost in the gorgeous blue city of Chefchaouen. Attempt to hike up Table Mountain. Camping in Banff national park.

Disclaimer: All photos above are not mine. Credits are provided in the caption of each photo.