Tokyo: Sushi Dai, best sushi experience in my life

I am not exaggerating this. This is by far, the best sushi experience I had in my life (yet). Everything I had after cannot compare to the many rounds of mouthgasm (I totally didn’t make up this word, it is legit folks) from Sushi Dai (Michelin Guide).

Getting there

The restaurant is located nearby to the Tsukiji fish market (where the infamous Tuna auction is held). Google map in link.

Time to get there

The restaurant opens at 0500 hrs. And yes, people start queuing as early as 0300 hrs. The restaurant is a small shop with only 12 counter seats.

So, if you want to be there as early as when the shop opens, you may want to consider staying somewhere within walking distance (Tokyo Metro starts only around 0500 hrs).

We got a nice little Airbnb just 3 blocks away (10 mins walk). Airbnb in link.

We started queuing at about 0330 hrs, and already there’s 15 people in front of us. So, we knew we will be second service. We got in at 0550 hrs. Yep, we queued for 2+ hours in the cold winter early morning!

The Omakase

There’s only the Omakase to order, which serves 9+1 sushi nigiri, i.e. 9 selections by the sushi chef, and the last one of your choice from the menu. And the cost is 4000 yen (about 40 USD).

Is Sushi Dai halal?

Sushi Dai is not certified halal. But, they do not serve any pork. The restaurant does serve alcohol (e.g. sake).

kampachi sashim sushi dai tokyo japan
Appetiser (kampachi sashimi) and sake


As I have already mentioned, this is the best sushi experience in my life. The Otoro, I never had any better since! It completely melts in your mouth – Yep! Ultimate mouthgasm! The Uni was heavenly, not too buttery, and just the right balance of brine. I The Mackerel(s) were really good too, the garnishing worked perfectly. In fact of them, prepared with care and love, with the right amount of soya sauce and wasabi.

But, will I do it again? Hell yea! I’ll do it all over again, if not every time I’m in Tokyo! Maybe, not during winter.

Tips: We were lucky enough to be seated in front of the owner. He was very friendly, and cared to explain to us in English, every single sushi he served to us. We observed the other sushi chefs were not as friendly. 

Check out Elaine’s detailed post on what to expect before getting seated (she waited for 4.5 hrs)!! Also, another post by WhereisWallou, in French if you prefer.

10 thoughts on “Tokyo: Sushi Dai, best sushi experience in my life

  1. Sushi Dai must be great if you are willing to stand in a queue for 2 plus hours again. I don’t think I would be willing to wait that long for a meal. I’m not a big sushi gan, but I would be willing to give Sushi Dai a try.

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  2. People eat sushi for breakfast? That’s a shock to me. 🙂 But, gosh it must be damn good if people start queuing at 3am! I’m planning a trip to Tokyo early next year, and definitely intend to visit the Tsukiji market (loved Nishiki market in Kyoto). If I can get up early enough, I’d love to try out Sushi Dai!

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  3. Oh my goondessssss!!!!! Soooooo jealous you got to try omakase while in Japan! I’ve been there so many times, but still haven’t convinced myself to splurge on that yet hahaa. That’s so aweomse you found such a an inexpensive one too because the ones I saw all start above $250.

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  4. How lucky you were seated near the owner! I MUST go here when I visit Japan because I’m just obsessed with sushi. But I’m afraid that once I try the best of the best, everything at home in Florida will pale in comparison! Ha.

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