Krabi town: Finally a decent breakfast

During our short stay in Krabi, it took us after 2 nights to later realise we were staying in the “boring” side of town.

You see, there are two parts in Krabi, i.e. Krabi town (on the upriver up the coast, where we stayed, where everything closes at sun down, and nothing opens before 1200 hrs), and Ao Nang, which is the more happening area, by the beach, where there are restaurants, pubs etc.

On the bright side, we got very peaceful and quiet nights, which enabled us to have some good rest, especially after all the snorkelling, kayaking, and hiking.

However, the one thing that really bothered me, was that I cannot find a decent breakfast! I had to settle for biscuits and (instant) cup noodles from the hotel pantry.

Anyway, on our last day, we discovered Casa Blanca!

Ironically, it was just next to our hotel, we just never bothered to walk in, cause it looked like a hostel from outside. 


I know it is very simple. But the omelette is perfectly done! And the salad well seasoned and dressed. They even gave me extra salted French butter for my toast!

Anyway, food aside, the place is also super insta worthy! I’ll admit it, we did spent some time posing and taking photos.

Tip: If you ever end up like us, whether intentionally or unintentionally checked in to Krabi town, and want to travel to Ao Nang. One local taught us that, instead of paying 500 baht for a one way Tuk tuk, you can take Song thaew for 70 baht per person. Just take note of the “Krabi town <> Ao Nang” sign on the truck. 

song thaew krabi thailand
Song thaew


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