Penang: Birthday and bruises

Last year, I celebrated my birthday weekend in Penang! It was a short weekend stay, not my first time to Penang, so I wanted a slow and easy trip.

Day 1, we checked in this nice boutique hotel, You Le Yuan. The hotel grounds and amenities were lovely. However, just be mindful it is opposite a school, and “kiasu” (competitive) school has band practice on early Saturday morning!

At night, we went to this nice Peranakan fusion fine dining, Kebaya Dining Room. Read more about the amazing dining experience on my other post.

Day 2, we went to Escape theme park. It was my second time. And I went back again because I had so much fun the first time (with a larger group of friends). Now, the park has doubled in size to include the previous dry park, and now a new wet park!

I preferred the dry park, especially the tree top obstacle courses. It was always so much fun, but very tiring!

During my first visit, I did three courses (two of which are advance level). On my third course, I gave up, two steps from the finishing line. And my friends still teased me until today! They have been reminding me of this image of me hanging on my safety line, unable to do anything, waiting for the staff to come “rescue” me.

And yes, I always got my battle scars.


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