Travel inspirations all year round by Jermpins, Part 2 : Where to travel from July to December

This is Part 2 of a two posts series, covering for months July to December. Click here for Part 1, January to June.ย 


July is when the lavenders in Provence is in full bloom.

Lavender fields in Provence (Source:
Lavender fields in Provence (Source:

Back at home (Malaysia), July is be in the middle of the Southwest monsoon, so you may experience some rains (usually short intervals) on the west coast. However, the east coast can not get any drier, which means it is best to visit places like Tioman, Perhentian islands or Redang.

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Redang Island ๐ŸŒดPhoto by @shawnekoh

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August is not much fun to travel Europe, as most local businesses (restaurants) may be closed for the whole month. Also, all concert halls will be taking their summer break.

Witnessing the Great migration in Tanzania has been on my bucket list for the longest time, and August is supposed to be the best time, with the loveliest weather, end of the rainy season, and none of the scorching summer heat.

Great Migration in Tanzania (Source:

August in Asia, you can expect heat and humidity. Rainfall is also at its peak for countries like Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. The exception is Bali of course, where there is hardly any rain.

However, don’t be too disappointed, because this justifies shopping vacations! And the best shopping destinations in Asia are Bangkok and Hong Kong. If you are worried about logistical arrangements in the rain, Hong Kong malls have the best connectivity undergrounds!


September is one of the best time to visit Iceland. Summer in Iceland means really long day. You will not be able to catch the Northern lights (come back during winter months), but you will be able to witness Iceland’s uncovered (no ice) true beauty ! It is the shoulder season which means less tourist, and also cheapest time to travel.

jermpins iceland

September is also a good time to visit Europe, less the summer vacationers crowd, and kids going back to school. Early autumn in Europe also means cooler (but not freezing cold) weather. Some of my choices are Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Spain. I really need to check off Greece from my bucket list soon !

Morocco is a great choice too, with September having the most pleasant weather around min/max 17/33 degC.

If you are an avid beer drinker, then you don’t want to miss the Oktoberfest in Munich which usually starts late September all the way to early October !


October is my favourite time to visit Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. This is when the rain stops, humidity dials down, and the skies clear up. When in Hong Kong, for the best foodie experience, you want to go to where the locals eat. I try my best to avoid eating inside shopping mall. And instead, I go to places like Kowloon, Jordan, Sham Shui Po etc. If there’s just one thing you must eat in Hong Kong, for me, it is the egg white milk pudding from Australian Dairy Company (Jordan), an epitome of Hong Kong style breakfast scene.


If you always wanted to visit southern France, the likes of Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez; but don’t wish to put a dent in your wallet, you should make a trip to the French Riviera in November. The crowd is significantly less and travel costs are relatively lower.

Otherwise, autumn in South Korea is truly beautifully ! Check out my post on South Korea autumn colors !

Autumn in Seoul Jermpins
Autumn in Seoul

Oman with its winter sun (longer day light) makes a nice choice for November travel too ! If you are not sure what to do in Oman, check out my trip to Muscat !

jermpins royal opera house muscat oman
Royal Opera House, Muscat


December is the beginning of dry season for Cambodia and Thailand, which makes for a nice beach holiday ! Just be sure to bring enough sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn !

Check out my trip to Krabi and Koh Hong island !

I hope you all liked my travel inspirations. This list of mine is definitely not exhaustive, and I’ll be sure to keep updating it ! If you have any other suggestions to share, feel free to drop me a comment below ! Till then, safe travels !

14 thoughts on “Travel inspirations all year round by Jermpins, Part 2 : Where to travel from July to December

  1. I love this post so much! Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan are in my bucket list and been wanting to visit this country! Thanks for sharing, and everything is beneficial! Love the way you write and give tips!


  2. Great post! You’re ready whenever you have some holiday available!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Just as a side note, London can be pretty amazing in August, even though its in Europe. Things don’t shut down there. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Canada is amaaaazing in summer for hiking (or in winter for skiing…)

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