Iceland: Guide to using local swimming pools

So, if you are on a road trip in Iceland, you can either take your shower at the shower facilities available at the camping sites, usually at extra cost, about 500 Krona (about 4 EUR) for 5 minutes of water ! Yes, you read it correctly, the water supply stops at the 5 minutes count regardless of whether you finish washing off the soap on your body !

Or, you can do like us, i.e. check out the local swimming pools !

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Every town no matter how small has a local swimming pool, with warm water heated by geothermal energy. And it is usually within walking distance from the bigger camping sites.


Tip: Look out for the sign. We had no idea at first that the sign means a swimming pool, we thought it is a danger sign for drowning hazards !

The entrance fee costs a bit more, about 6 to 8 EUR per person. However, I rather pay the extra for a good hot bath (similar to an onsen in Japan), followed by a good proper shower without having to rush myself to finish off in 5 minutes !

Now, if this is your first time, you may feel bit self-conscious, and don’t know where to start, what to do. Fret no more, as I’ll walk you through step by step in this post,

  1. Approach the counter, and ask for the price. Some local swimming pools offer shower only option, i.e. you don’t get to use the pool, jacuzzi etc. 
  2. Make the payment.
  3. Remove shoes at the entrance
  4. Enter shower room, and take a full shower before entering the pool – note that shower facilities are communal (male and female separated), and you are expected to remove all clothing (including swimwear) before using the showers
  5. After a thorough shower, put on your swimwear and exit shower room to the pool area
  6. Don’t play in the pool, respect others’ personal space
  7. After done at the pool, you may take shower but be sure to dry yourself completely before re-entering the changing area
  8. Exit shower room and wears shoes at the entrance

It is really that simple. Now, you want to leave the self-conscious mindset at the entrance too, and take your time to enjoy that nice hot bath you deserve !

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